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2382 Harvey Gummel Road Manchester, MD 21102

Missile Boring

Missile Boring
Unlimited Underground provides missile boring services to commercial clients, service providers, and local, state, or federal government organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Missile boring is ideal for most projects due to its low impact on the soil. The standard choice for underground construction, the underground construction experts at Unlimited Underground have years of experience doing missile boring and can give you the results you’re looking for.

What is Missile Boring?

Missile boring is a trenchless, point-to-point horizontal underground boring technique. For years, missile boring has been deemed the standard for public utility installation. Able to perform accurate horizontal bores ranging from 50 to 150 feet, and the ability to bore in any kind of soil means that there are endless possibilities when you work with Unlimited Underground for missile boring service.

Missile Boring Applications

Missile boring has long been the industry standard for installing underground infrastructure. It’s an invaluable trenchless technology solution in many applications and installations, such as:

missile boring

Missile Boring: The Steps

Missile boring involves various steps, and each of them is important for an effective infrastructure.
utility construction
Utility Locating
For safety purposes, we must locate and mark any lines that have already been installed and new lines that are going to be installed.
Operator Survey
Our experienced crew then surveys the area to look for any obstacles present to determine the best path for the missile.
Missile Aiming
Next, we dig a hole at each end of the bore. One of our operators aligns the missile in the starting put so it reaches the exit pit.
Property Restoring
Once the bore is complete, the sleeve or conduit is placed. Unlimited Underground then makes sure we leave the land as neat as we found it.

The Value of Missile Boring

Traditional plowing or trenching methods can suffice, but there are some obstacles that can’t be avoided with these methods. In those instances, missile boring becomes a viable option to get the job done efficiently. Some of the most common obstacles that warrant missile boring include: 

  • Buildings
  • Driveways/roadways
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Existing landscaping


Even if there isn’t an obstacle present, missile boring is still a beneficial option due to its non-invasive nature. In general, choosing missile boring can save you time and money on your construction project.

missile boring head
missile shots header

Missile Boring vs. Directional Drilling

Although similar, missile boring is a lower-cost alternative to horizontal directional boring. While horizontal directional drilling is best suited for lengthy, wide-diameter installations in a variety of soil conditions, missile boring is best suited for work sites that cannot accommodate a directional rig. But both are great options, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Equipment in the Industry

The most important thing for a seamless and efficient missile boring project is having the right equipment. Unlimited Underground uses the best equipment in the industry to get the job done. That means you get the underground infrastructure your property needs, and you experience limited soil interruption.
ditch witch horizontal drilling rig

A Clear Choice for Your Next Project

Missile boring from Unlimited Underground is the clear choice for your next underground project. Not only do we have experienced crew members that can answer your questions and tailor your missile boring to the property’s exact needs, but we also use some of the best machinery in the business to get the job done right. Contact us now to inquire about missile boring in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.