2382 Harvey Gummel Road Manchester, MD 21102

2382 Harvey Gummel Road Manchester, MD 21102


Unlimited Underground is a trenching contractor in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. Our quality trenching process can complete a variety of jobs – from residential sewer line installation to commercial utility projects. Unlimited Underground will work with you to determine exactly what kind of trenching services your construction project needs. From design to installation, the team here at Unlimited Underground will be there to help.

Trench Digging Services by Unlimited Underground

We bring unique capabilities to each trenching project. Our crews start every trenching project by performing underground utility mapping to identify any existing buried structures. This crucial first step minimizes unplanned delays and reduces the likelihood of incidents occurring.

Additionally, we use high-quality equipment and methods for all of our trench-digging services. Our carefully selected equipment and methodology ensure that your trenching project is completed on budget and on time. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal results for various types of underground construction projects, so if you have any questions about our equipment or methodology, feel free to contact us.

excavator digging a trench

Trenching Applications

There are plenty of instances when it is necessary to dig a trench.

Utility Conduits

All residential and commercial buildings require basic utilities. With all the services that have to run underneath the building, digging a series of trenches to hold them all is the best solution.


Every building will also need a quality drainage trench to make sure that flooding is prevented. A drainage trench can hold drainage pipes, and water can be carried away from the runoff and various structures.

Electrical Trenching

Electrical trenching from Unlimited Underground means building a specialized pathway for all the necessary electrical components of your underground infrastructure. Our team of highly-trained technicians will develop a plan for where various aspects of your electrical infrastructure will be placed.


A waterline-style trench is designed to ensure that various types of plumbing can be placed effectively underneath the building. We make sure that your underground pipes are installed in a way that allows for optimal drainage, adequate water pressure, and frost protection.

Sewer Lines

Every property needs adequate sewer line trenching to allow efficient sewage disposal throughout the property. We make sure that happens for every property we work on.

HVAC Pipes and Gas

Trenching is necessary for HVAC and pipe installations. This trench should protect these pipes from environmental damage and ensure that the gasses can be pumped efficiently underground.

Retaining Walls and Foundation Footings

Unlimited Underground digs trenches for retaining walls and make sure they have adequate support to hold back the soil.

Need Trenching Services?

No matter if you need trenches for utility conduits, waterlines, or HVAC pipes, the trenching specialists at Unlimited Underground can help. We’ve been helping commercial clients, service providers, and local, state, or federal government organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for the past 20 years construct underground trenches that fully support the property.